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Soldier Mom gives her son the best present!

Jan 21, 2014 -- 9:07am

Buyers Remorse....Duke Scoop....Phil Phillips Sick???

May 21, 2012 -- 9:19am



Welcome back from the weekend!! How much sun did we take in over the past
few days?? My spray tan from last week has kind of turned into a somewhat
real 'bout that?? Hope you had a nice weekend.

Have you ever blown your money on something you regret buying aka buyers
remorse? Dennis is currently trying to block all infomercials from his
tv...apparently the wife has shown a little love towards
infomercials....shhh, I think it's probably Dennis who has the infomercial

The Kardashians, Billboard Music Awards, and Celebrity Apprentice...we got
ya caught up on all those shows from last night in our Reality Recap. And
Arsenio Hall is pumping his fist like it's 1988, after his finale victory
on Celebrity Apprentice...

Ryan from Lancaster will be joining us in Jacobus on June 1 for the
Showroom Showdown. Ryan picked up a pair of free passes for Regal Cinemas.
And he's now in the running for a roomful of furniture! Good luck, man!

10-year-old Logan took home our first family 4-pack of Dutch Wonderland
tickets...he informed us on what Duke the Dragon does when the park
closes...and apparently Logan scooped us that Duke steals food from around
the park during off-hours...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Penn from Penn Cinemas called in with the box office results, and again,
it was the Avengers pulling in the nation's top movie. Battleship finished
second, followed by The Dictator....

From Scandal....Phillip Phillips may be performing the American Idol
finale with a serious health risk. Phillip has severe kidney problems, he
went home last week to Georgia and his doctor told him he needed surgery
immediately...but Phil has refused to drop out of the competition. We wish
him well!

Tomorrow....we're prepped and ready to bring ya a HUGE Tuesday show! 5
Seconds of Free Air-time, another Dutch Wonderland family 4-pack as well!
Miss a minute, miss a lot!

Thanks 4 listening/reading! Til Tuesday at 5am......

"Live, Laugh, Love, LOCALLY!"

-Bryan Jordan

Bryan on Twitter: @riceradio
Dennis on Twitter: @dennismitchell
Michelle on Twitter: @babycleanfun
Phillip Phillips on Twitter: pphillipsai11


Drink Coffee And.......Sketchers Refund.....FOOD FIGHT!!

May 17, 2012 -- 5:17pm



Here WE ARE!! Pushing through a Thursday and heading towards
Friday....ummm, sorry, "Flashback Friday!"

Can I get a "YES" from all my coffee drinkers?!!? After years of waffling
research on coffee and health, with some fears that coffee might raise the
risk of heart disease, a big study finds the opposite! Get
drinkers are more likely to live longer...REGULAR OR DECAF! I will raise
my cup to that!

Do you wear Sketchers toning shoes? Own multiple pairs?? Well, due to
false advertising, you may be able to score a refund! Yup...apparently
there was really "no toning" taking place, leading to a settlement...
#chaching - wanna know more? Go to the Michelle Cruz page....M-Cruz may be
getting a few bucks back...lunch on her next week!

Mike from Lancaster better make sure his calendar is cleared on June 1
because he will be at the Showroom Showdown, looking to take home a
roomful of furniture! Nice job, Mikey! Enjoy those free Regal Cinemas
passes too and please share your popcorn!

So, yours truly, has a family reunion coming up in my fam but
not really a fan of, I want to thank you all, who chimed in
with creative excuses to help me get out of one for me? Never
too late to drop Thanks!

Jessica from Spring Grove has some summer plans....she picked up a family
4-pack of Lake Tobias tickets...enjoy the wildlife! Jessica gave us her
best monkey---so good, I thought I at Tobias!

Of course we were Scandalous at 6:15 and 8:15...and Michelle informed us
of J-LO announcing that this is it for her on Idol...hmm, is Kara coming
back? No, they're not that stupid.

I'm not a big fan of drama or confrontations for that matter...and as much
as I love food, you will definitely never see me FIGHT over
it...apparently a local man has a special soft spot in his heart for crab
legs, so much that he attacked another patron because he ate the last crab
leg...OH NO HE DIDN'T??? Umm, yes he did, with it! You've
heard about controlling your bout controlling your

Flashback Friday returns tomorrow....! Wow, that was fast! AND the weather
is looking fab! Great White Mennonite, Lake Tobias tickets and more!

Thanks for listening/reading!

-Bryan Jordan

Bryan on Twitter: @riceradio
Dennis on Twitter: @dennismitchell
Michelle on Twitter: @babycleanfun
B-Club on Twitter: @bclub101rose
B-Club on FB:


Margaret Cho on Show....Bieber Lazy Eye....SkyRUSH!

May 16, 2012 -- 9:57am



Hello fellow Humpers....HAPPY HUMP DAY! (Do we say that every Wednesday or
what?? Enough already!)

A very funny comedian kicked things off for us this morning. Margaret Cho
joined us...talked a little about her upcoming 30 Rock appearance...but I
had to go ahead and ask her about her experience working with John
Travolta with all the controvesy that continues to spread...and she was a
good sport with that as well.

Do you share a name with a person and has that name ever got you in
trouble? OH, the stories we received on the phones and on B-Club Facebook woman called in and said she shared her name with another woman
who passed away, well she had no clue til her credit cards were cut off,
mail was returned as "deceased." AND, her boss showed up at her door,
mentioning that the IRS needed her final tax return...ooooops. if you have a story.

After 7, it was Reality Recap and the Showroom and Showdown...we must
congratulate Vicky from Christiana, was our latest qualifier, Vicky has
free Regal Cinemas movie passes, and will join us in Jacobus on June 1st
for the big Showdown! Good luck, Vicky!

There was more winning after 8, Kim from Navron buzzed in gave us her best
animal was so good, I had no clue what she was doing....but
whatever it was, it was good enough to send her and her fam to Lake Tobias
Wildlife Park in Halifax....looking for tix? Tomorrow is another shot!

There are reports floating around, that if you have a certain hairstyle
such as the "old" Justin Bieber look with bangs covering one eye, that you
could actually develop a lazy eye....phew, good thing I shave my head!

Everyone's favorite Kathy Burrows from Hershey Park dropped in to update
us on SkyRush....the newest rollercoaster which opens on May 26th...Kathy
says they're crossing their fingers about that. Having Kathy in studio
gets us so excited for the upcoming Hershey season!

From Scandal.....John Travolta...aka Danny Zuko...aka Vinny
Barbarino...yea THAT guy...his first accuser has dropped his lawsuit...the
second one remains on the suit...and others are rumored as well....OH
SANDY! Not so much....

Tomorrow...Thursday...already??? Lots goin' on! More tix for Lake Tobias
Wildlife Park...we will qualify another lucky person for the Showroom
Showdown at 7:20! Miss a minute miss a lot!

Thanks for listening/reading! Talk to ya tomorrow morning at 5!

-Bryan Jordan

Bryan on Twitter: @riceradio
Dennis on Twitter: @dennismitchell
Michelle on Twitter: @babycleanfun
B-Club on Twitter: @bclub101rose
B-Club on FB:


Spray Tanned Bryan....5 Seconds of Fun....HUGE "CHO" TOMORROW!

May 15, 2012 -- 1:52pm


Hello fellow Tuesday people! I now officially feel like a cast member of the Jersey Shore! Move over, Pauly D! Yours truly was spray tanned for the first time this morning...more on that later....

Liz from Dallastown showcased her GLEE knowledge early on today and snagged a GLEE prize pack! She has her popcorn ready for Part 1 of the big finale which starts tonight. Pay close attention to the finale tonight, because tomorrow morning we will ask a question about it, answer it correctly and it could get you something cool from Southwest Airlines valued at $750!

Then it was onto the top baby names.....and once again, Michelle's oldest daughter's name "Sophia" topped the list....she didn't seem that thrilled...haha. Umm, time for a name change? Kidding....beautiful name!

It's really impossible to watch EVERY reality show....SO, leave all that to us! Today, we caught you up on the season premiere of America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and more! And then right after that, Bob from Lancaster put himself into the Showroom Showdown! Now, we'll see how lucky he is June 1 at Smith Village!

After 7:30 it was TANNING TIME! We welcomed Jaclyn from "A Glow 2 Go" into the studio. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but my first spray tan went over pretty well...I must say I'm pretty bronzed and ready for summer! Jaclyn was lots of fun and would love to spray tan you! for more info! You can see pics on the B-Club Facebook page right nice! :)

Despite being jam packed, we managed to squeeze in "5 Seconds of Free Air-time." One of the best, if not the best feature of the week...ok, I'm a tad bias. Thanks again for those of you who reached out for that!

Congrats to Dawn from Lancaster on picking up a family 4-pack to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax! Dawn gave us a decent sounding lion...what are you gonna bring tomorrow? Another 4-pack comes your way soon!

Coming back on hump day-Wednesday in a big way with comedian Margaret Cho! Gonna be a BIG CHO...umm, show! Plenty of winning too!

Thanks for listening/reading!

"Live, Laugh, Love, LOCALLY!"

-Bryan Jordan

Bryan on Twitter: @riceradio
Dennis on Twitter: @dennismitchell
Michelle on Twitter: @babycleanfun
B-Club on Twitter: @bclub101rose
B-Club on FB:

Not the Right TIME....Animal Sounds....BIG Tuesday Show!

May 14, 2012 -- 3:16pm



Hope all the mom's had a wonderful day yesterday but as we've said before,
every day should be Mother's Day...I tell my mom that daily....and thanks
for the 100 bucks you send me every week too, mom. (haha)...

We totally forgot about this til Michelle brought it up...Jennifer Hudson
may have some closure...William Balfour, the estranged husband of her
sister Julia, has been found guilty of killing the actress' mother,
brother, and 7-year-old nephew. Hopefully this will help Jennifer sleep a
little better at night.

Donna from Lancaster aka "fellow Gleek" took home Monday's Glee prize
pack...don't forget to watch the 2 hour season finale tomorrow night on
Fox 43...and then correctly answer our question Wednesday morning and
possibly win something cool from Southwest Airlines!

Have you seen the latest cover of TIME Magazine? It's a picture of a woman
and what appears to be her son, somewhere between the age of 3-5, and the
boy's mouth on his mom's breast which is quite visible. Well, we jumped
head first, fully clothed too, into this discussion. Is TIME in the right
or wrong here? Comment now at

Got ya caught up on the Celebrity Apprentice, The Kardashians, and more
during your "Reality Recap!" Khloe, not a Kardashian?? I know....gonna
lose sleep over this one.

Immediately following Reality Recap, it was time for more Showroom
Showdown qualifying! Cindy from Lancaster is all set to join us June 1 at
Smith Village and Home Furnishings in Jacobus. Cindy was lucky caller 25
and you could be next! Cindy also picked some free Regal Cinemas passes
for getting qualified.

All week we have family 4-packs to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax.
You have to be caller 25 and give us your best animal sound....Sherry from
Lititz did her best pig...either it was a pig or she may have a small case
of sleep apnea...just kidding. Congrats Sherry!

Penn...yes "the" Penn from Penn Cinemas swung by as he does every Monday
with his weekend box office update and to let us know what to expect in
the near future at the big ol' theater in Lititz. "The Dictator" opens
this Wednesday!

Coming up tomorrow...Tuesday...we're jam packed again! Lots of chances to
win, at around 7:30-7:40, yours truly will getting tramp stamped and spray
tanned, and then of course it's.....5 Seconds of Free Air time....!! All
that and so much more!

Thanks for listening AND reading!

"Live, Laugh, Love, LOCALLY!"

-Bryan Jordan

Bryan on Twitter: @riceradio
Dennis on Twitter: @dennismitchell
Michelle on Twitter: @babycleanfun
Jennifer Hudson on Twitter: @IAMJHUD
B-Club on Twitter: @bclub101rose
B-Club on FB:


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