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B-Club EVENT 11.30.12

Nov 30, 2012 -- 1:32pm

NOVEMBER 30, 2012

Today's Breakfast Club was not an actual was an EVENT. A first-ever for Central PA and I can honestly say, that Dennis, Michelle, and myself are extremely proud that the Breakfast Club was front and center for such an important day.

"The Extraordinary Give" kicked off at midnight, a 24 hour online "giving marathon" to benefit community non-profit organizations. We hit the air this morning, guns a blazin' at 5am, and after only 5 hours, we were way over $100,000! By the time we closed up shop at 10am, they were approaching half a MILLION DOLLARS! You could truly feel the special bond. The community rode the B-Club bandwagon...phones were hot for all five hours. The 717 stepped up and showed love to a variety of non-profits near and dear to their hearts. Karen Fitzgerald, representing the Excentia organization, joined us at 7am. Excentia is a non-profit that provides the support necessary to enable people with intellectual disabilities to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community. Karen brought us a very special guest from within the community. Enter DJ Mike, (pictured below with us), Mike is a local DJ who mainly plays at the Coffee House, a place provided by Excentia for their clients to relax and unwind....we gladly stepped aside and let DJ Mike run the show from 7-8am, Mike pretty much left us with quite a memorable morning.

"The Extraordinary Give" concludes at midnight tonight. And with every donation, the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF) will match a portion of donations with their own $250,000 contribution. There are prizes/incentives up to $50,000 as well! for doing your part!

January will make it 5 years for me in Lancaster County, and there have been several special moments within that time, but this morning, I witnessed the ULTIMATE MOMENT, first hand for five straight hours! Great job to my B-Club BFF's, Karen, DJ Mike, and this COMMUNITY! Keep it coming!

We'll tie a bow on it Monday with more thank you's along with the final results!

Have a great weekend!


-Bryan Jordan
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