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B-Club Blog 12.7.12

Dec 08, 2012 -- 11:33pm
DECEMBER 7, 2012
-- Good friend of the show, Kelly King, called in early this morning to remind us that "A Dickens Christmas Carol" plays every Sunday at the General Sutter Inn in Lititz....717.626.2115 to get your tickets....or check out
-- So, the other day, Dennis hijacked my Facebook when I was out of the room, he posted that I had switched allegiances from the Red Sox to the was taken down immediately, not that people would buy it anyway...but it got us talking about "Facebook hijacks"'s happened to us or you've probably done the hijacking...any good stories? yours ONLY after you hijack your friend's account...
-- Debbie from York grabbed the Hershey Christmas Candylane tickets while Merry...and yes, that is her name, "Merry" picked up a car pass to see the Hershey sweet lights...pretty cool consolation prize....we played "Name that Tune" again and we'll have more Christmas Candylane tickets all next week!
-- Tomorrow, as in December 8th, is our big "Jingle All the Way Play Day." We will all be out at Overlook Activities Center in Lancaster from 9-noon. Entertainment, attractions, and plenty of activities for the kids - Steven Courtney and SANTA will be there as well! Also.......Kacey from sales, has personally asked me to test out the Moon Bounce...I'm ready! Let's do THIS! Tickets are only 2 bucks! Proceeds benefit Share the Blessing! Big thanks to Giant Food Stores! See ya tomorrow!
-- From Scandal.....I am proud to announce that my boy, my brutha from another mutha, Tom Brady, and his lovely wife Gisele are proud new parents of a baby girl....her name? Viviiiii....thank goodness the baby came yesterday and not on Monday night when my Patriots play their biggest game of the year....ha.
-- And finally, I conclude the week with this......................................Dennis LOVES the Bravo channel.....I LOVE the Orioles...............---whoa whoa....looks like this time he hijacked the B-Club blog!

Have a great weekend and hope to see ya tomorrow morning at Overlook!
You are all absolutely, positively, on fire!

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