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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 1.3.13

Jan 03, 2013 -- 2:27pm
JANUARY 3, 2013
No, it's not's Thursday...which is fine by me...."fine by me?" Isn't that a song...ahh yes, thank you, Andy Grammer...

-- 2012...the year that was....I know we're 3 days into '13 and we're still reflecting back on '12....we asked you early this morning, what was the most overused phrase of 2012? We had some good ones at We had a woman call in and threaten us...kindly....she did not hear wanna hear "whatcha mean" ever again, and she even provided several examples. I added "#YOLO" to that was all over social media in 2012. "You Only Live Once."

-- The Aurora, Colorado movie theater where 12 people were shot and killed last July invited the families of the victims to the reopening of the movie theater. The families rejected the invite and called it a "disgusting offer" and very bad timing. The thought was there but it could've been executed better. Sadly, the violence was too much in 2012, especially with the deadly shootings in Newtown close to a month ago. Classes resumed today for Newtown in neighboring Monroe, Connecticut.

--  The tv show "Amish Mafia" was again a hot topic today. The fact that it's based in Lancaster County, at times is beyond unreal, and with there being absolutely nothing else on tv has captivated us. Move over Tony Soprano, there is a new sheriff in town, his name...."Lebanon Levi."

-- Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of February's Vanity Fair and pretty much completely knocks acting, she goes on to say that there are firemen running into burning buildings and doctors saving lives...and that she's only making movies and acting is stupid.....ok then, I hear the Neffsville Fire Dept is looking for volunteers.

Keep us loud again starting at 5am for another Flashback Friday and so much more! The 2nd edition of #FF for #2013! AND....a very big announcement at 7:20!!!

You're all absolutely, positively, on fire!



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