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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 1.30.13

Jan 30, 2013 -- 9:41am

JANUARY 30, 2013
-- So, why RSVP when you know you're going to bail? Sadly, there are plenty of people out there that simply enjoy bailing...or maybe they don't know they're doing it. We discussed the several types of "bailers" this morning....we have the "constant bailer" "the something-just-came up-bailer" "the part-time bailer" and I could go and on but I'm gonna do you handle these people?
-- Front page of today's Local section....a local author/histortian is putting together the "Amish Mafia Tour" that will debut in April and basically "debunk"  specific claims made on the reality series Amish Mafia that airs on the Discovery Channel. We went to our "go-to guy" from the show, local defense attorney, Steven Breit, who said, these people aren't necessary haters, they're just trying to capitalize from the show. And that's exactly why we have Steven on "our show" - capitalizing, baby....ha.
-- Angela from West York will be able to cross the street this weekend and head over to the Toyota Arena at the York Expo Center for "Discover the Dinosaurs." She picked up a family 4-pack of tickets by winning in our little "5 in 10" game.
-- Bobby and Jamie Deen, sons of Paula called with some advice when it comes to Super Bowl party dishes...the Deen boys pretty much said, keep it simple, enjoy in moderation, you want to be able to find time for the game and the commercials....etc. So, stuff your face at halftime??
-- From Scandal...former Party of 5 star, Jason London was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct Sunday in Arizona...police found him beaten outside a bar. Apparently, London sneezed on a bouncer, the bouncer asked for an apology and London "cold cocked" him. There was much more...but that's all you really need to know....I just sneezed on worries, I apologized.
Back tomorrow for a Thursday - it all starts at 5am....miss a minute, miss a lot!
Thanks for reading me, and listening to us!
You're all absolutely, positively, on fire!


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