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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 2.1.13

Feb 01, 2013 -- 9:09am

FEBRUARY 1, 2013
-- Welcome to Feb! Groundhog Day is tomorrow - shadow or no shadow it's still gonna be cold for awhile so who really cares...unless you have a vacay coming soon.
-- Nice story surrounding a Baltimore couple as we approach Super Bowl weekend. Jim Pellegrini and Laura Sudano met at a Super Bowl party in 2001 when the Ravens won their only other Super Bowl. Sudano was the one with cold feet, they agreed they would not get married until they hit the lottery or when the Ravens make it back to the Super Bowl. Now they're not only getting married but they'll be doing it in New Orleans. Check out the full story here:
-- Dennis claims to be the only one to ever make Buffalo Chicken dip....ha! And now everyone who makes it, is NOT  crediting bout this...? Stop handing out recipes...just a thought. What's a great recipe you've handed out in the past that somebody else claimed?
-- 23-year-old Courtney Lenz is a Ravens cheerleader but she is not going to the Super Bowl because she gained 1.6 lbs...the Ravens released a statement saying that the NFL has certain parameters and a criteria...there is a petition rumored to be going around to get her down to New Orleans...the game is Sunday, better speed things up....
-- Mark from York named 5 NFL teams in 10 seconds and scored a family 4-pack tickets to "Discover the Dinosaurs" this weekend at the Toyota Arena at the York Expo Center....enjoy it, Mark.
-- Amy from Spot Bowl in Harrisburg joined to give us a little preview of the Super Bowl to check out more and you'll be able to vote for the ones you like after they've aired.
-- From Scandal....NFL legend and current CBS announcer Dan Marino has admitted that he fathered a love-child with a CBS employee and then paid her to keep it all a secret. Marino and his wife have been married for almost 30 years now and have six children together. Dennis Mitchell, longtime Marino/Dolphins fan was unavailable for comment.
***Next week with the B-Club.....we have Heshey Bears tickets for the Feb 9th game against Binghamton and also tickets to see the Long Island Medium April 8th at the Hershey Theatre!
Thanks for reading me and listening to us! Have a great weekend!
Super Bowl prediction: Ravens 27 49ers 23 (Go Niners!)
You're all absolutely, positively, on fire!


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