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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 2.11.13

Feb 11, 2013 -- 2:46pm


FEBRUARY 11, 2013

Highlights?? Let's do it. Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and be quite thankful you weren't in New England, where mom and dad Jordan reported close to 30 inches of snow in Eastern Connecticut! Wowza!

-- Not even an hour into the show, we received breaking news from every outlet imaginable....the in Pope Benedict XVI will step down at the end of the month due to advanced aging. He is the first Pope to resign in nearly 600 years. (1415)....and don't forget, Lent starts on Wednesday, so remember to get your ashes!

-- Grammy talk was hot this morning inside the basement walls of 1996 Auction dressed last night? We all pretty much agreed that my close-personal friend, Katy Perry, (see my Facebook profile pic) ran away with that award.....there wasn't a "big winner" but plenty of fun tributes...such as the Bob Marley trib done by Bruno Mars, Sting, and Rihanna...they killed it! Kelly Clarkson (my Idol Season 1 pick with 25 people remaining) paid tribute to the late Carole King. 55th the books!

-- A very funny man named John Pinette will be coming to the Pullo Center at Penn St-York on April 13 and we have your tickets all week to see this comedian. Just make us laugh....really not that hard of a Martina from Landisville found out this morning...she shared a story about her son picking his nose---we all lost it immediately!

-- The Paterno family is back in the news. Over the weekend, Sue Paterno, widow of the late Joe Paterno, spoke about the Freeh Report that came out last July. She will speak more about it today at 3pm with Katie Couric.

-- A little drama at my place last night...wife went to bed early, I was settling in for an evening of watching the Grammys when suddenly there was a noise coming from the kitchen my dog was not playing with his bag of food...there was something IN his, brilliantly (sarcasm), I woke my wife who was only sleeping for maybe an hour, and alarmed her that there may be a mouse in pantry...of course the noise stopped when I showed her, minutes later, the almost-empty bag of dog food tipped over and a small field mouse ran frantically around our kitchen for about 10 seconds, my wife jumped on the counter...I ran out of the kitchen and leaped onto a chair....I know I know...I eventually regained my composure, and took charge of the situation....and ran next door to call maintenance....kidding. But this opened the door to "mouse stories" on the phones and

ahhh, yes, the pantry door is still closed...FYI. :)

***Little Reminder Dept***
3 months from today.....May 11th from 7:30-9:30am make plans for the 11th Annual Mom's House of Lancaster-Miles for Mom's Fun will be warmer and nicer....this event will take place at the Lancaster Catholic High School Athletic Stadium. There will be a 1K walk for the kids...along with much more. All funds raised will support single parents in Lancaster County. For more info, you can contact Jo or Maryanne at 396-9130!

Thanks for reading me and listening to us! You're all absolutely, positively, on fire!



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