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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 2.25.13

Feb 25, 2013 -- 3:51pm
FEBRUARY 25, 2013
Welcome to the final week of Feb!

--We talked #Oscars early on...the 85th Annual Academy Awards, for those of you keeping score at home. Life of Pi snagged 4 trophies...Argo, led by my boy Ben Affleck grabbed 3...and Silver Lining Playbook's Jennifer Lawrence took home "Best Spill." More on that later....

-- We had Breaking News just after 7am....IKEA WITHDRAWS MEATBALLS.....after horsemeat was found. Oh darn, and I had dinner reservations there tonight. True story: our own Dennis Mitchell, aka "D-Mitch, Mitcher"....swore by those IKEA meatballs...ehh, you mean horsemeat...oh that's right, he also goes by "Wildlife Dennis" which means he has probably digested worse...

-- The Breakfast Club's official #AmishMafia attorney Steven Breit hooked us up with some very exclusive information as we prepare for the big 2-hour season premiere Sunday night from 8-10pm on Discovery Channel. There will be 3 new people added to Lebanon Levi's cast of characters....and you can bet more mailboxes will be smashed, windshields egged, and fires ignited....and to celebrate the return of Amish Mafia, the #BreakfastClub will be showcasing a nice surprise on Manheim Pike starting March 1.

-- Back to the #Oscars....Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to the podium last night, and actually laid there for a sec, as if she would soon wake up and from a terrible dream...but it sparked a fun conversation....where was your most embarrassing fall?

-- Tomorrow...Tuesday, with your Morning Clubbahs....Dez from #TheBachelor calls she ticked at her brother Nick? Does she still think of Sean since being eliminated? What will she say about Tierra?? We will talk to her at 6:20am and replay the interview at 8:05!

Thanks for reading me and listening to us!



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