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B-Club Headlines/Highlights 3.19.13

Mar 19, 2013 -- 9:49am

MARCH 19, 2013
-- History Channel's 10-part mini series #TheBible is officially a hit and is now stirring up some controversy...there were comments that Mohamen Mehdi Ouazzanni, the actor playing Satan, had been made to look like President Obama. Producers of the show are denying the similarities were intentional. But if you google it, there is a scary resemblance.....
-- ABC premieres a new reality show (just what we need) called #Splash tonight. The show features 10 celebs training and competing in regulation platform and springboard diving from dizzying heights....aka "desperate has-beens trying to rejuvenate their career asap." Do you respect the challenge in front of them and will actually give the show a chance or do you think it's an absolute joke?
-- Hey, let's hear it for Charlene from Lititz who grabbed her share of $30,000 when she banked it and scored $550....*ahem* "somebodys" birthday is in a couple weeks...hint hint wink wink, Charlene. :) #BankItOrBust
-- Big thanks to Neffsville Fire Chief and daughter Katelyn for stopping in this morning, and sharing such an inspirational story...back on October 17th Katelyn got into a horrible accident and fell into a coma for two weeks, brain surgery soon followed, Katelyn stood in the studio today and is making remarkable progress....there is a benefit being held for her on April 6th to find out more about that go to:
-- Mary Lou King, a mother of 4, of Cochranville took home $100,000 in the Unstoppable Moms Contest sponsored by "LIVE" with Kelly and Michael. Congrats to Mary Lou, she never stops, she is unstoppable, I guess the question is....will she stop for a hot minute to collect her winnings...? #Unstoppable
-- The winning continued late in the show when Leslie from Red Lion picked up a four pack of Disney on Ice tickets....more tomorrow on da big show! 5-10am...get up early, and keep us loud! #WorldsOfFantasy



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