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Margaret Cho on Show....Bieber Lazy Eye....SkyRUSH!

May 16, 2012 -- 9:57am



Hello fellow Humpers....HAPPY HUMP DAY! (Do we say that every Wednesday or
what?? Enough already!)

A very funny comedian kicked things off for us this morning. Margaret Cho
joined us...talked a little about her upcoming 30 Rock appearance...but I
had to go ahead and ask her about her experience working with John
Travolta with all the controvesy that continues to spread...and she was a
good sport with that as well.

Do you share a name with a person and has that name ever got you in
trouble? OH, the stories we received on the phones and on B-Club Facebook woman called in and said she shared her name with another woman
who passed away, well she had no clue til her credit cards were cut off,
mail was returned as "deceased." AND, her boss showed up at her door,
mentioning that the IRS needed her final tax return...ooooops. if you have a story.

After 7, it was Reality Recap and the Showroom and Showdown...we must
congratulate Vicky from Christiana, was our latest qualifier, Vicky has
free Regal Cinemas movie passes, and will join us in Jacobus on June 1st
for the big Showdown! Good luck, Vicky!

There was more winning after 8, Kim from Navron buzzed in gave us her best
animal was so good, I had no clue what she was doing....but
whatever it was, it was good enough to send her and her fam to Lake Tobias
Wildlife Park in Halifax....looking for tix? Tomorrow is another shot!

There are reports floating around, that if you have a certain hairstyle
such as the "old" Justin Bieber look with bangs covering one eye, that you
could actually develop a lazy eye....phew, good thing I shave my head!

Everyone's favorite Kathy Burrows from Hershey Park dropped in to update
us on SkyRush....the newest rollercoaster which opens on May 26th...Kathy
says they're crossing their fingers about that. Having Kathy in studio
gets us so excited for the upcoming Hershey season!

From Scandal.....John Travolta...aka Danny Zuko...aka Vinny
Barbarino...yea THAT guy...his first accuser has dropped his lawsuit...the
second one remains on the suit...and others are rumored as well....OH
SANDY! Not so much....

Tomorrow...Thursday...already??? Lots goin' on! More tix for Lake Tobias
Wildlife Park...we will qualify another lucky person for the Showroom
Showdown at 7:20! Miss a minute miss a lot!

Thanks for listening/reading! Talk to ya tomorrow morning at 5!

-Bryan Jordan

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