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B-Club Headlines 11.19.12

Nov 19, 2012 -- 9:55am


NOVEMBER 19, 2012
Hey!!! Miss me??? .......probably didn't even realize I was gone.....
-- A Missouri man was arrested the other day for plotting to shoot up a theater showing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2...Blaec Lammers was charged with first degree assault, making a terrorist threat, and armed criminal action, after his mother contacted police with the details that he bought, mom saves the day in a way, before another scary Colorado accident could transpire.....maybe he just wanted a ton of popcorn....that was wrong, I'm sorry.
-- Sheetz may be shutting down temp---oh wait...I'm sorry, I meant the refinery that supplies Sheetz it's gas will be shutting down for temporarily due to effects from Sandy....that's Hurricane Sandy--or is it Tropical Storm Sandy?? Anyways, be aware before you approach Sheetz....there is a temporary gas shortage....I sincerely hope there will never be a "Schmuffin shortage..."
-- So, we had an email from a concerned a B-Club worries, I showered and also wearing clean underwear.....ok seriously, listener Michelle and her husband have front row tickets for the Patriots-Jets game Thanksgiving night up in New Jersey, and she was wondering if it's okay to ask the host family if they wouldn't mind moving up dinner....I have the best solution of all...I WILL HAPPILY TAKE THE TICKETS! All kidding aside, football trumps turkey, c'mon move the dinner up, Aunt Betty, or just save them a side dish for Black at, you can just blow off the game...
-- How bout THIS??? Teachers and coaches from the 14 state operated universities have agreed to strike if a new deal isn't reached. What could this mean??? Scabs/replacements for teachers and professors?? Didn't work out too well for the NFL....does this effect you in any way? Again,
-- Rob from New Oxford put on winning shoes again this morning and picked up Fulton Theater tickets for "Singin in the Rain" November 28-December 29....we have a pair of tickets all week at don't take your shower til then bcuz we want you singing in the shower for these tickets!
-- A little birdie tells me that Steven Spielberg is in town today, in fact, we're doing lunch after his brief Gettysburg appearance this morning. Spielberg will be the special keynote speaker for the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address...Spielberg...Gettysburg...good call.
Back on a Tuesday....or is it actually considered a Thursday because we are officially in the "Week of Thanks." it whatever you want....just don't call me late for turkey day din.....
You are all absolutley, positively, on fire!

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